May 10, 2017

Some of our recent projects:

Zuidwest Radiotherapeutisch Instituut

Project: Implementation of the Cedexis Jena within a Varian environment

ZRTI was searching for the most appropriate solution to realize the primary goal of effective direct feedback during treatment of patients. Cedexis implemented the Jena video glasses within the existing Varian environment at ZRTI. The Varian TrueBeam in combination with the Cedexis Jena now provides an optimal treatment method for both patient and specialist.

Dyn'R Medical Systems

Project: Full integration of the Cedexis Jena with the SDX® respiratory gating system

The SDX® system is a combination of a spirometer, videoglasses and operating software. The videoglasses provide the patient with a visual display of the respiratory curve. Because of this, the patient is actively involved in the process of keeping the position of the tumor stable for radiotherapy.

Koninklijke Visio

Project: Development of the FelineSight for patients suffering from night-blindness

Cedexis, together with Royal Visio, have developed the FelineSight to provide people with night-blindness more freedom of movement in situations with limited environmental lighting. The goal was to provide more mobility in and around the home.

Cedexis Ease (Plug-and-Play)

Project: Reducing nervousness and tension in medical treatments.

The Cedexis Ease helps to move the attention of the patient away from the invasive treatment by providing distracting media-content. While doing so, the design of the glasses helps maintaining the accessibility of the patient. The Cedexis Ease only uses 26 degrees of the field of view to generate a perceived 250cm full-screen display. Because of this the patient is still available for instructions from the attending specialist. This unique balance between distraction and alertness provides immediate added value for both patient and specialist.

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