May 10, 2017


Full implementation
ZRTI’s goal was to provide patients with effective RPM feedback for an optimal treatment process. The Cedexis Jena was used to provide the feedback. ZRTI houses various Varian TrueBeam systems and CT scanners equipped with Varian's own RPM module. The specific need for ZRTI was the solution to be functionally implemented outside of the Varian environment. Cedexis provided a complete technical and functional solution that in no way infringes Varian hardware.

The technical solution provided:

  • - Varian Medical Computer (DVI output) to DVI splitter cable
  • - From splitter cable, current cable to control room
  • - New DVI cable to UTP extender
  • - UTP cable connected to UTP receiver in CT and TrueBeam space
  • - One single cable from receiver to Cedexis Jena video glasses

Data visualization for providing patient instructions
The CT scan software and the accelerator software show their RPM feedback at different locations on the screen. Through a so-called ‘video wall’ technique, Cedexis has been able to isolate and display the desired RPM feedback through the Ease videoglasses. This prevents the patient from being distracted by other non-relevant information.

Project results

  • - No adjustments required for existing current hardware
  • - Optimal risk management functionality of existing systems
  • - Original situation easy to "restore" by repositioning one connector
  • - No project support required from the supplier of the Varian system
  • - Direct support for all Cedexis supplied hardware
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