May 10, 2017


Respiratory Gating
Commissioned by DYN'R, Cedexis developed videoglasses fully optimized for use in a radiotherapy environment.
There are various applications in the field of radiotherapy that use Respiratory Gating or Breath Hold techniques. Through these methods and with the help of a respiratory monitor, the patient's respiratory curve is visualized. The Cedexis Jena is used to make the desired breathing curve clearly visible to the patient.

Optimal contact between physician and patient
The environment remains visible to the physician and / or patient because the design of the glasses make sure the field of vision is not completely closed. The video glasses only uses only 26 degrees of the total field of view. Communication can be maintained by this.

Use in the medical environment
The lightweight glasses (75 grams) are very suitable for intensive professional use. The Jena features quality LCD lenses (1280x720 HD) and extra solid cabling with robust connectors. A media converter with different inputs (HDMI and VGA) make the JENA multifunctional pair of video glasses bar suitable for all activities where doctors and / or patients use imagery for displaying information or providing instructions. The Cedexis Jena stands out for its plug-and-play capability right out of the box.


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