May 11, 2017

Cedexis Ease


Nervousness and tension during medical treatments
For many patients, a visit to the dentist or oral hygienist is not a pleasant experience. Being placed in a chair waiting for an operation that may be painful or unpleasant will prevent many people from visiting. They rather wait it out until the condition has worsened in such a way that more pain is felt, more costs are made and sometimes the point of full recovery has passed. Furthermore the experience of this postponed treatment further confirms the believe of the already tense patient that all treatments are horrific. A vicious circle.

Distraction without occlusion
The Cedexis Ease videobril is developed in collaboration with medical specialists to shift the patient's attention to the displayed image in the glasses. This distracting image can range from a cartoon to a music video, a game or online news. The goal is to make the patient less aware of the situation that is generating nervousness and other discomfort. The uniqueness of the Cedexis Ease is that it only uses 26 degrees of the total field of view. The videoglasses simulate a full HD 250cm wide screen in this 26 degrees field of view. This translates to 43% of the total viewing area. This allows the patient to stay in touch with his environment and able to follow instructions from the medical specialist.

43% of the total field of view, optimal contact.


Personalization and functionality
The Cedexis Ease has the ability to be modified in both technical and cosmetic aspects. For example, the color scheme of the visor can be adjusted, possibly combined with the addition of a company logo. In addition, the diversity of media files can be determined in advance. As a result, the glasses can also be used for information on treatments, product demonstrations and tend to the need of specific patient groups.

Easy to use
The Cedexis Ease has been developed based on intuitive use. Both for the patient and for the medical specialist. The connectors are extra robust to remain durable in a medical environment. In addition, the hygiene standards have been taken into consideration during the development of the Ease and because of the this the Ease is easy to clean.

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