Our Focus

Cedexis Medical Eyewear develops, supplies and implements video glasses for the benefit of specialists and patients. The starting point of each development process is the significant improvement of the specialist and / or patient experience.
Dental Care

Reducing anxiety and stress
More than 40% of the population consider a visit to a dentist to be stressful. The Cedexis Ease gives patients more control over the treatment by offering distraction in the form of multimedia content. A solution fully adaptable to an intended target group.

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Optimal respiratory feedback
Maintaining and following an optimal respiratory curve is essential for a selection of radiotherapeutic treatments. The Cedexis Jena has been developed in collaboration with specialists in order to offer a direct added value in this area within a Varian environment.

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Improving ergonomics of the specialist
Improving the posture of the specialist by wearing a pair of video glasses during a procedure contributes to a more efficient treatment of a patient. The specialist can focus on the procedure by directly receiving images in combination with their own hand movements.

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Custom specialisation

An idea for an application?
Are you a medical specialist yourself and do you have an idea for an application? Feel free to contact us. We are always open for new possibilities to optimize your patient and / or specialist experience.


Below you will find a number of videos in which our solutions have appeared in the media. Interested in one of these solutions or do you have your own idea for possible use of this technology? Please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Almost 10 YEARS of experience in developing and supporting innovative audiovisual technology within the medical environment.

Since 2011, we have been working with medical professionals from various fields to optimally implement the technical development of Near Eye Displays or Head Mounted Displays within the medical field. The use of video glasses in specializations such as radiotherapy, ultrasound and dental care provide many benefits for both the patient and the specialist. For the patient, the benefits lie in the areas of a more successful treatment, more experienced control and better comfort. For a specialist, our technology brings enormous benefits in the field of ergonomics and treatment optimization.

Existing product solutions in the HMD market are often too generic to be used directly in a specialized environment. We help to integrate a solution in a workable and reliable manner within the environment and workprocedures. Not only do we ensure the development and integration, we also care about the service and stability of the solution.

In our cooperation with specialists we strongly believe in short communication lines, tight project planning and sincere commitment.


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